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Pierina fights for the Bronx

Pierina fights for the Bronx

Pierina is an Afro-Dominicana, daughter of immigrants, and lifelong Bronxite, born in University Heights and raised in Kingsbridge. Pierina grew up watching the hard work of her elders – selling oranges, driving taxis, cleaning buildings and schools – to ensure her generation had a chance at higher education and opportunity.

From the White House to the community board, and from advocacy to City Hall – Pierina has been and will continue to be a fighter for immigrant families, racial justice, affordable housing and good jobs.

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Why she's running

Our community, city and country are at a critical moment in the fight for social justice, and Pierina believes in our community’s capacity to get through the most difficult of challenges and still rise.

Pierina is running to fight for a just recovery from COVID-19 that puts racial and economic justice at the center, and to demand the resources we deserve to be healthy and thrive.

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On the issues

Pierina’s platform will be developed in conversation with her neighbors, and the below offers the starting point:

  • Dismantle Structural Barriers through a Social Justice Framework

    From racist policing to inequities in health and educational attainment, and gentrification and displacement – solving our most intractable problems requires a social justice framework. keep reading

  • Housing As a Human Right

    Everyone deserves to live in a stable and healthy home, and yet the City’s affordability crisis keeps lower-income New Yorkers at persistent risk of displacement. keep reading

  • Opening Access to Economic Opportunity

    Our community’s resilience must be met with investment and resources. keep reading

  • Quality Education and Youth Services

    Quality education is the key for a brighter future for our children and our community. keep reading

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